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Babble Rabbit
Eloquent Madness
Street: 05.18
Babble Rabbit = Disturbed + Trapt + Korn
Oh my god. Babble Rabbit are at it again. Their new full length is totally doparoonie. They just have an angst that seriously rubs off on me and makes me want to jump up and down and put my head through the wall. These killer dudes have traded some of their junior-high funkin’ style for more of a moody West Valley metal style. The funk action however, still seems to sneak it’s gnarly head in and DF (dry fuck) you until you can’t take it any more. The band is also headed out on tour soon, so many lucky citizens of the U.S. will get the privilege of experiencing their musical prowess. Be stoked, these dudes are bringing it in a special way.