Taste Us EP
Street: 11.11.11
Bellrave = Aqua + Lene Nystrøm + Right Said Fred
Local dance musician Allison Martin continues her quest to become the resident queen of the disco scene. Her latest project—a collaboration with Allister Marx, under new moniker Bellrave—certainly takes her one step closer. With an obvious and infectious nod to the eurodance genre, this EP’s four tracks are best when Martin’s voice is central to them. The opener “Cave of Wonders” is catchy, and wouldn’t be out of place on one of those seemingly interchangeable dance compilations from the ‘90s, which is intended as a compliment. There’s even a remix of it here. “Touch Me On The Dance Floor” follows in a similar vein, and it seems like they’re onto something (infectious bass lines, hooky choruses) until Marx’s embarrassingly bad “rap” shows up and mars the end. Unfortunately, he is also the vocal focus of “The Good In Goodbye” where his (assumed) lyrics match his wretched vocal performance, which Martin’s minimal contribution simply can’t save from destruction.