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Big Gun Baby
Street: 03.24

Big Gun Baby = The Poster Children + Republica
This five-song EP contains three original tracks and two remixes. Big Gun Baby is run by two members – Jaycee, who is in charge of the sexy singing over the drum track beats and Greame, who provides the power chord guitar. The three songs definitely have a late-nineties dance rock vibe to them. It reminds me of back in the day when I would longingly look at my Garbage poster, the one where Shirley Manson is crawling on Hollywood Boulevard. I used to look at that poster as a young junior high child and have some very impure thoughts. I miss that poster. I need to get that out of my parents’ basement. Back to Big Gun Baby, the original tracks are standard techno rock, but the remixes at the end of the album are awesome. You guys should remix all your songs and stick with the club sound.