Blue Moon Bombers
Bombs Away
Street: 02.04
Blue Moon Bombers = 12 Step Rebels + Koffin Kats + 13 Cats
No matter how many times I’ve heard aggressive rockabilly music, whether it’s psychobilly, punkabilly, neo-rockabilly or whatever, it’s still an entertaining idea. The Bombers don’t seem afraid of going after full psycho or pulling it back to a more traditional feel. The guitar work is a heavy presence and is very well played as the drums and upright bass thump and bang out solid rhythms. The somewhat disjointed vocals really drew me in, very reminiscent of Lux Interior of The Cramps. With the huge surge of psychobilly that happened a while ago, a lot of terrible bands have come and gone, but I’m just glad to see that the interest in the genre is still there. The Blue Moon Bombers have some rough spots to work on, but they are certainly good enough to shake your cuffed 501s to.