Bullets & Belles
Curried Rice EP
Street: 04.15
Bullets and Belles = The Puppini Sisters + Zooey Deschanel + Norah Jones
I have to say that this might be the best production of anything local I’ve ever heard, which would stand to reason, since while Bullets & Belles only formed last year, the members are all veteran musicians. This three-song EP is some damn catchy jazz pop, with stunning vocals, thoughtful lyrics and brilliant songwriting. The first song, “Bullets and Bells” feels part doo-wop, part Andrew Sisters, part Smiths. It just has so many layers while remaining catchy. “Count to Zero” has more of a folk/country-ballad feel with Ryan Cron taking over vocal duties from his wife Erin Haley-Cron. The last track, “Curried Rice,” starts with haunting harmonies and the lyric, “take the demons and the curried rice, you can have the city and all the lonely nights,” is so damn interesting. I will definitely be watching for more from these cats.