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Carlos Cornia
Stand Up And Be Counted
Street: 12.23.09
Carlos Cornia = Ben Harper + Groundation + Wyclef Jean
Carlos Cornia are a group of guys who are clearly fans of kicking back, smoking a “cigarette” and playing their music—reggae-influenced rock.  The songs manage to convey a chiller vibe while not losing their individuality or tune, like so much similar stuff out there.  The vocals by Jimmy Kayihura really bring it together, especially on songs like “Free” and “Injustice,” where he carries the melody.  Others like “Revolution” and “You Know You’re Right” are a little more intense while  “Red Eye Blues” and “Herb Tree” are great stoner hymnals.  I would have liked to see the group change tempos a little, give us something a little more upbeat and show off their clearly solid rhythmic chops.  There’s nothing new here, just solid, feel-good jams.  Nothing wrong with that though.  This stuff is great for sunny days and bike rides or waking-and-baking.  The music I mean. Enjoy in moderation.