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Chaz Prymek
Bicycles & Breakfast
Street: 08.01
Chaz Prymek = Iron & Wine – vocals + Andres Segovia
Bicycles and Breakfast is a followup to Prymek’s Everything Is Wrong, Everything Is Fine, and is music to my ears. Prymek could not have chosen a better title to describe the pleasant feeling that overcame me when I leaned back, closed my eyes and listened. It’s the little things that make this album really tick, like the shattering glass in the background of “To Kill A Man With Two J’s In His Name” intermingled with trumpets and of course, the prominent guitar that sweeps over everything toward the end of the song. Like the former album, Bicycles and Breakfast is mainly instrumental, except for the “secret” track of the album. Another bonus is that each album cover is unique and hand-drawn, so no two covers are alike. Bicycles & Breakfast enters a new realm of experimentation and beauty that’s not easy to find these days.