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Chelsea Grin
Desolation of Eden
Artery Recordings
Street: 02.16
Chelsea Grin = Cannibal Corpse + Cradle of Filth + Emmure
Desolation of Eden is a glimpse into Chelsea Grin’s morbid, non-stop nightmare––a familiar, recurring nightmare that fans of chug-chug, double-kick-drum metal have been having for over 20 years now.  Fortunately for Chelsea Grin, this demographic does not embrace change.  Rather, they label mold-breakers as “pussies” and throw away the band’s death metal spiderweb-font-logo shirts at the first sign of change.  Still, “The Human Condition” and “Cheyne Strokes,” where Chelsea Grin merge some memorable guitar lines with Alex Koehler’s requisite growl, display some brutal potential worthy of notice.  Also noteworthy: when Koehler layers his high screeches with his gut growl, it sounds a lot cooler than either vocal on its own.  But in the end, death metalcore fans like what they know, and they’ll like Desolation of Eden.