The Furies
Street: 05.22
The Furies = Better Than Ezra + Beck + whisper screaming
Glow’s opener, “Death of Man,” could be an okay rock track if properly recorded.  But, you know that whisper-scream people do when quoting a scream from a song/movie?  Well, the Furies recorded that for some reason.  Many tracks are just noises—a door closing, a repeating guitar pattern, random drums and arbitrary, incoherent 12-inch-whisper vocals.  I feel like an empty Tampico bottle would deserve a better review.  Here are the ways that a Tampico bottle would out-do Glow:  It can be used to create danceable beats by tapping it on things and squeezing it for a crinkle sound.  It can be recycled, so that I feel like I’m doing something to make the world a better place.  Also, I could fly to Louisiana, fill it with oily water to do my part in the gulf clean up, then pour it all over this copy of Glow to make sure that no one else has to hear it.

Various Artists
The Rock Salt 2010 Compilation
Street: 04.17
The Rock Salt = a hip cross-section of Utah bands
Rock, pop, indie, ambient, hip hop, singer-songwriter, jazz, metal––it’s all here, and it’s all as local as the lake-effect, but way better.  For 2010, The Rock Salt has given us a damn canorous cornucopia (thanks  Songs were contributed by 17 local acts, including crooner Tyler Evans, the experimental 6335, the intense Top Dead Celebrity, talented jazz-man Dave Chisholm, and one of my favorite local bands Pilot This Plane Down even threw some metal into this potpourri of palatable performances.  All the proceeds of this album go to KRCL 90.9 along with other fine supporters of SLC’s independent music.  This is a solid mix, and it’s backed by a good cause, so head down to Slowtrain (221 East Broadway) and pick up a copy.  It won’t even be considered a good deed since you’ll be getting so much out of the transaction.