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Mechanical Skies
Fix Your Good Mood
Street: 10.31.09
Mechanical Skies = Mean Molly’s Trio + Elvis Costello
Richfield’s Mechanical Skies is an unorthodox group of musicians. Guitarist and occasionally gruff vocalist Henry Reese formed a band with bassist/vocalist Jaylee Amey freakin’ Toro (pardon the language) and drummer Zefree, who are each half Reese’s age. This adds to the appeal of the simple, backyard-BBQ-type rock they produce together. FYGM is a charming lo-fi collection of songs, some with classic themes, some involving curious stories (the pop-rock “Debbie Died at the Disco” is about a teenage girl being killed by a mirror ball after the narrator told her not to go, while spectators thought her jeans were cool). Reese has some decent soloing chops on the bluesy “Rain Keeps a Fallin’” that will make you want to listen to The Beatles’ “One After 909.” It’s clear that the members of Mechanical Skies enjoy writing music together, and FYGM is a job well done.