Danger Hailstorm
Running Records
Street: 06.08
Danger Hailstorm = Steel Panther + All Saints Avenue + Handsome
On first listen, Danger Hailstorm sounds like an 80s butt-rock band that can’t let go of the past and continues to try and make bitches-and-booze music. After a few more listens, though, I realized that the band is actually trying to create post-hardcore type stuff. While the music as a whole is fairly bland, there are some really amazing parts/moments hidden in each of these ten tracks. My favorite song on the album is “Le Bass” with female, French spoken word over a track that is reminiscent of Form of Rocket. I love it when the ladies speak French to me. The main problem with the album is the super-generic lyrics by vocalist Terrance DH. Now I know I just risked my life by bashing on Mr. DH, who is essentially Salt Lake’s version of Steve Albini, but I just expected more from a dude who has recorded and produced so many records. Please don’t hate me Terrance.