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Die Monster Die
A Great and Terrible Loss
Dr. Cyclops
Street: 03.18
Die Monster Die = Misfits + Ramones + Kiss
Die Monster Die has truly become a staple of Salt Lake’s underground scene. They play on a fairly regular basis and release a record every now and then. Their metal-laden horror punk is fun and creepy, but they’ve never really stepped above the regular horror punk sludge that inhabits the music collection of anyone who wishes there were more Misfits’ records. Not only do the songs on A Great and Terrible Loss all sound the same, but they also sound like everything else the band has released. Lead singer Zero’s vocals drone on as usual, and although he does convey a spine-chilling element, about halfway through the record I got tired of the same sounds. So if you’re satisfied with the same old Die Monster Die tunes, this is the record for you, but if you’re looking for something different, keep looking.