DJ Shanty
Street: 04.17
DJ Shanty = El-P + Blockhead
The master of the turntables for local hip hop legends The Numbs has not been idle since 2011’s Soulburn release. The production of Megatherium, an instrumental beat album, is halfway between classic video games, breakbeats and world music with buzzed-out bass behind tight snare and rich woodblock and tom drum hits. The overall tone is dark and deep, almost brooding. The record is perfect for staying up late, sitting in front of your computer and getting shit done, which I imagine is how it was made. With guest appearances by Mark Dago and Red Sky Phenomenon bookending the album, Shanty and his glitchy, catchy beats take center stage and hold your attention easily for the duration. Favorites include “Hyperjump” and “Tape Edit,” but everything here is good. Definitely different than a Numbs release, and an awesome chance to see a fantastic local producer hold it down.