Local Reviews: Dreadnought

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Street: 03.29.08
Dreadnought = everything amazing about music
Dreadnought is back again to rock your face off. I had the distinct privilege of reviewing their first album and I wanted to see how the band had progressed in their heavy alternative sound. I also wanted to see if their musical prowess had grown. After hearing the first few songs of this six-song EP I was convinced that they had definitely raised the bar. Singer David’s vocals are yet again blaring his way to the top. I truly didn’t think that his vocals could have gotten any louder and they have, especially on the third track, “Fear of Falling.” My reaction after hearing this song was plain and simply “wow!” I can’t wait to hear how their music will progress on the next EP. Only time will tell. Keep it up, Dreadnought; you can only go up from here.