A Perfectly Orchestrated Breakdown
Street: 02.14
Drop Side Nine = David Archuleta + 30 Seconds to Mars + Nickleback
There is some serious pain and anguish on DropSideNine’s debut EP.  A Perfectly Orchestrated Breakdown definitely lives up to its name. The vocals on this record are mixed so high that it sounds like vocalist Brandon Larsen is sitting on my lap bouncing on my taters while the other member of the band, Scott Peterson, donkey-punches me. The band made the good decision of self-producing this great work of art in Brandon’s basement. This probably explains the amazing clarity of his vocal tracks. It’s a shame that Scott’s instrumental tracks weren’t brought up to the same level in the mix to show their perfection as well. The release also includes a printout of Brandon’s deep and emotionally penetrating lyrics. Seriously, you two have brought things to a new level of brutality, and Jesus and I thank you for it.