Enemy Octopus
Street: 07.05.11
Enemy Octopus = Inside Out  + Audio Slave + One Day as a Lion
This Salt Lake City alt-rock quartet definitely has an affinity for Rage Against The Machine. Hitting new topics like the economy as well as the basics (corporate greed, war and government controversy), Enemy Octopus performs a tight set on the short, self-titled EP with vocals on four of the six tracks, the bookends being instrumental. Actually, the first track is dreamy and sounds more like Pink Floyd than Rage. Vocalist Alejandro has his own innately strong voice (though you’ll hear the ghost of Zack de la Rocha), which is as professional and clear as his band counterparts. The guitar solos are wicked from Cal Van Gogh, Parker’s bass pops out of each statement song, and drummer Carlos is just as creative on the kit. “A Rising” has a chant in the center of the song, which is similar to RATM’s “Bullet In The Head.” It seems that Enemy Octopus is exceedingly passionate in what they do. Give the original self-titled EP a listen and enjoy the slightly psychedelic side of the SLC band.