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Gorgeous Hussies

Sweet Surrealistic Queen


Street: 10.13.09

Gorgeous Hussies = Third Eye Blind + The New Radicals + Sister Hazel

The Gorgeous Hussies have quite the reputation around the Salt Lake City area. Everyone is always talking about how cool they are and how dedicated they are to touring and by listening to their newest release, you can tell these dudes take themselves seriously.

The band comes across as tight as ever on their recording and you can almost feel the energy they have coming right out of the recording. I give the Gorgeous Hussies respect for making a solid recording that truly represents what their band is all about. One thing they could work on a little bit is updating their sound. The band is caught in the late nineties power-pop genre.

To me, this is something that is played out and a band with this kind of dedication could really benefit by trying to bring a little bit more variety and originality to their brand of sugar-coated alternative-rock. –Jon Robertson