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Grimoire for the Apprentice Warlock EP


Street: 12.06.07

Gorlock = I Shalt Become + Mayhem (early) + Esoteric + Godflesh

Gorlock’s debut EP consists of six songs and unfortunately only lasts 16 and a half minutes. Luckily, those minutes seem like hours. This is a trip into a psychotic wonderland of demons and pure abstruseness. There are elements of basically every extreme metal sub-genre within, but the end result could only be defined as experimental.

I know the band is working on their first full-length album, and with hopeful certainty they will stick with their production aesthetic, filthy distortions on every layer–be it the highly fuzzed out guitar tone, buzz saw droning drums or the frightening keyboard/programming elements. Grimoire easily transports your state of mind into a strange numbness.

If you play the songs loud enough, the distortions will murder your speakers. There are numerous elements of sound here all culminating in a sinister, ghastly, eventful piece of sonic disturbance.