Local Reviews: Idyll Rigamarole

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Idyll Rigamarole
…All Of Life Is A Foreign Country…

Spyhop Records
Street: 07.20.10
Idyll Rigamarole = Tiny Tim Tiptoeing Through The Nottingham Forest

It is hard to criticize music by a local “teen-run” record label, but I’ll do my best. All local artists should take note: Every artist is a local artist where they came from. That doesn’t mean they should be making records. With a name that would surely get them kicked out from even busking in Sherwood Forest, Idyll Rigamarole describes their sound as “medieval groove folk” on their Facebook page. Oh dear. Seven “teen” members all contributing their ideas for songs—with asinine names like “Stationary Nomad” and “Flibbertigibbet”—doesn’t work very well. I was surprised by the pleasant voice that greeted my ears on the aforementioned “Stationary Nomad,” but I can’t tell whom it belongs to, as the band is listed alphabeti – cally in their credits and no one is given musicianship credit. Maybe that’s on purpose, because by the second track—the especially cloying “Anger”—I wouldn’t want to take credit for any of it either. The male attempting to “sing” on this track has a ghastly vocal style that is downright embarrassing. This voice returns on the equally dreadful “Four Words”— but wait, it gets worse—it attempts sensitivity (or is that ‘novelty’ like Tiny Tim? I’m not really sure) by going up in register, and what was already bad is laughably bad. Things aren’t all wretched, as the female singers on this project have pleasant voices— even if the songs they sing on are weak—and the playing is satisfac – tory, but nothing really stands out. Upon rereading the credits, I realize I’ve boxed myself into the thanked “H8trz” category, but alas, there I shall have to stay, forever banished. –Dean O Hillis