Local Reviews: In Key Dropouts/The Skaficionados

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In Key Dropouts/The Skaficionados
The Skaficionados Vs. In Key Dropouts
Posthumous Records
Street: 05.07
This Record = Sturgeon General + Illegal Beagle + The Mooks
This split EP by defunct local favorites In Key Dropouts and The Skaficionados is a good demonstration of the musical chops present here in Salt Lake.  There’s always been a following for ska music and the fantastic shows where it’s played.  These bands are both easy to imagine throwing it down in a basement for pits of skanking kids.  In Key Dropouts have more of a punk edge with no horns and straight fast breaks of hardcore.  Sometimes they almost sound mathy, as on the lyricless “Down, Down Over, Over, Punch!,” but then in comes some quick distorted two-step.  The Skaficionados are more conventional ska with fat horns, good dancey rhythm and deep, loungey vocals. “They’re Trying To Kill Us” is a great shouter of a song and was also the titular track on their last record, while “Of Life and Love and Love and Love and Love” is classic fun.  I’d pick up this record  quickly as it may be the last one by both The Skaficionados In Key Dropouts and could be in limited supply.