Local Reviews: Jahnre

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Street: 09.08
Jahnre= Jack Johnson + Sublime + Mr. Marley
Oh, the smooth, sultry sounds of Jahnre. They soothe the soul and make one think of far-off tropical landscapes and nothing but BTM (big-titty mermaid)s for miles. As much as I feel like the whole no-worries, punk-reggae beach music has run its course, it’s still hard to deny the laid-back attitude of the music. Part of me secretly admires the kind of people that can sit and write songs about just hanging and having good times, because the majority of the time when you meet these people in real life they usually are as laid back as their jams. So if one day I ever meet the dudes in Jahnre, they better be all chill and not uptight, or I won’t dig their music anymore.