Jake Burch
Street: 06.27
Jake Burch = Bright Eyes + Rocky Votolato
The local scene has been graced by the presence of the eclectic folk band L’anarchiste. Now the band’s influence is growing as one of its members, Jake Burch, has gone solo. He offers jazz-influenced folk in his debut, War. I want to like the album, but it just rubs me the wrong way a few times. Almost every song highlights a new instrument and different vocal style. While this in itself isn’t bad, it added to the overall disconnect of War. While there are a couple good singles (“Ghosts” and “Meet Me by the Lake”), the album has a hard time staying together, and for that, left me dissatisfied. Despite my lukewarm impressions, know that it’s free for download at Burch’s bandcamp. If you’re an SLC scene junkie, it’s worth a listen.