Johnny Utah
Johnny 3:16
Street: 12.15.12
Johnny Utah = Dipset + Kanye West
Johnny 3:16 is a massive collaborative effort with over 15 emcees and producers lending Johnny Utah a hand on the album, including well-known locals Linus Stubbs, Yoga Flame Kane and Brisk One. The wide variety of beats keeps your ears from glazing over after the third track. Linus Stubbs provides funky, head-nodding, boom-bap styles that sound right at home behind Johnny’s vocals as Mixter Mike and Yoga Flame Kane’s epic, swagger-fueled anthems. Johnny’s raps imply more talent than just the ability to rhyme on time—he uses clever zings and word play, coupled with a raspy, in-your-face delivery. What I appreciate most about this album is the fact that I can’t pick one single factor that I appreciate the most.