JP Haynie
The Sand
Street: 07.16
JP Haynie = Low + Mount Eerie
Jordan Haynie created this album with purpose. He wanted to make a soundtrack for the drive from Utah to California, so he played what he calls “desert music.” He wanted to give people deeper access to his creativity, so he included a 24-page book with drawing and recording notes. But I would guess that his primary purpose was self-expression. The album drips of his nostalgia and yearning for home and solitude. These are complemented nicely by the minimalist, lo-fi aesthetic and a Mexican ranchera style. And the recording is truly lo-fi, as it was done on an eight-track recorder. Haynie’s vocals sound strikingly similar to Doug Martsch of Built to Spill, which means his lyrics are about as hard to get out of your head as Martsch’s. The Sand is a winner in the book of local lo-fi.