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Mana Poly All-Stars
Riddim + Blues
Street: 01.06
Mana Poly All-Stars = Bob Marley + Fugees + Backstreet Boys
Mana Poly All-Stars are some cool, smooth cats. I can’t believe how pimp this reggae is. If I smoked tweeds, I would totally want to roll a big ol’ thang and chill out to the calming relaxed vibes of these eight fine musicians. These guys know how to mix up the feel of their music. Alternating between male vocals and female vocals. Every song is positive and uplifting. This is fine dub reggae. While the music isn’t original, the band has definitely mastered the genre. The percussion and low warmth of the bass lines are probably my favorite elements of the Mana Poly All-Stars. If you’re looking for an album to do some chillaxin’ to, this is the album.