Michael Gross and The Statuettes
Dust and Daylight
Street: 05.31
Michael Gross and The Statuettes = Tom Petty + The Wallflowers + Remy Zero
Immediately upon listening to Dust and Daylight, I feel like I have been sucked into an old creepy bordello, drunk on some gnarly booze and cavorting around with ol’ busted-ass skeezers trying to get me to spend my time and money on them. All the while, Michael Gross and The Statuettes are playing in the background trying to inspire me to get down with my situation, but I am refusing to buy into it. Michael and the band keep trying to play me into submission with their mashup impersonation of Gin Blossoms and Dada, but it just never works, and eventually I come to my senses and get on with my bad self. All and all, I would say that Michael and The Statuettes music has a strange yet somehow comforting quality to it.