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Songs For Mei and Satsuki
Magic Goat Music
Street: 07.22
Navigator = The Future of the Ghost + Arctic Monkeys + The Olivia Tremor Control
This self-recorded album is a wonderful little discovery. Although its running time is hardly longer than twenty minutes, the songs are full of variation that stretch from extreme reverb to quiet acoustics to delicate, tinkling sounds. Upon hearing the first track, I was expecting the album to be a pretty quiet instrumental work throughout. The second track blasted into my eardrums, though with electric guitar, drums and wobbly vocals. Never judge a book by its cover, and never judge a CD by its opening track. Braden J McKenna is literally a one-man band. He recorded and performed everything on the album (with the exceptions of track seven and nine where his fifteen-year-old brother plays drums and the trumpet). McKenna’s shivering vocals are similar to those of Salt Lake’s local music guru, Will Sartain. Songs for Mei and Satsuki is brimming with pleasant surprises.