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Negative Charge
Negative Charge

Street: 04.01
Negative Charge = Endless Struggle + The Fictions + The Unseen

Although Negative Charge has been together (in some form or another) since 2005, it’s probably a good thing that they waited until now to release their debut album. After opening for many decent punk bands here in SLC (Street Brats, Lower Class Brats, Funeral Dress, GBH, The Casualties, etc.) and a plethora of lineup changes, Negative Charge finally seem to have perfected their sound. Not bad for a band who was resurrected from the ashes of other SLC street punk bands that are long gone. Andy Patterson recorded the band’s debut release and the sound quality is superb. However, like many punk bands, the real power of the music is found in the live performance. That being said, out-of-state fans should rejoice for their ability to pick up a street punk album that doesn’t suffer from the pitfalls of DIY recording.