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Nick Foster

Total Data


Street: 08.16

Nick Foster = Daedelus + Claude VonStroke + The Glitch Mob

When I played the first track from Nick Foster’s Total Data, it seemed erratic, busy and slightly irritating—“Just Pick Yes” made me want to just say no. It has a mix of samples put together without fluidity that made me feel like my ears were being drilled by infomercials.

I decided to give the album a second chance and listen to it with a completely open mind, so I smoked a doobie and pressed play. Unfortunately, not even my heroine, Mary Jane, could save this album for me. Consisting of 20 tracks, none of which exceed three minutes, Total Data was a bad orgy of sounds that just couldn’t get me off. The track that didn’t make me want to shove rocks in my ears was “Habit Halibut. TV Fish n’ Drips.”

It sounded like a really cool video game set in a future world where everything is done ten times faster. It honestly just might not be my cup of tea, so I would suggest listening to it and forming your own opinion—which will most likely be identical to mine.