Author: Mama Beatz

Infected Mushroom
Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 1

Dim Mak Records
Street: 01.22
Infected Mushroom = Major Lazer + Prodigy + Daedalus

This new collaboration-based EP from Israel’s Infected Mushroom seriously caught me off guard, but in the best of ways. Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 1 is an array of musical masterpieces that shows off the producing skills of the infamous duo. From the reggae-fused “Where Do I Belong?” to the techno-charged  “Astrix on Mushrooms,” there’s something for everyone to fall in love with on this EP. With its deep bass and sweet melodic synths, “Astrix on Mushrooms” (a collaboration with Astrix) is a banger that every DJ should have in their arsenal. “Where Do I Belong?” featuring Hope 6 reminded me of Sublime if they were to ever have a baby with Major Lazer. Easy going drums, fun reggae influence synths and a Rasta rapping over it all make it the perfect track to either dance or just get high on Mary Jane to! This four-track EP may be small, but it packs quite the wallop! –Mama Beatz

Various Artists
Kitsuné Maison Compilation 15
Street: 10.21.13
Kitsuné = Yelle + Breakbot + Donna Summer
Kitsuné has done it again! The French label’s 15th compilation is even better than I was expecting. Since discovering the Two Door Cinema Club through these compilations I have made it a point to pay attention to the various artists that are featured on the compilation album. Kitsuné Maison Compilation 15 has nu-dance vibe with a splash of disco that made my imagination dance. One of the tracks that instantly made it on my repeat playlist was “Chateau Marmont” by Krystal Klear—it made me think of the movie Clueless and the California sun. My favorite track on the album would have to be “Charade” by Schwarz Dont Crack. I’m a sucker for R&B and this track is riddled with it in the best way. The vocals by Schwars Dont Crack are titillating and made me swoon—add in the amazingly smooth instrumentals and it’s a winner. This album is for anyone who loves feel-good music and disco. –Mama Beatz
No Shame
Street: 10.29.13
Pompeya = Passion Pit + Rooney
Tropical, by Russian quartet Pompeya, has a variety of funky tracks and smooth, uptempo ballads. Pompeya’s melodic and up-tempo feel on Tropical made me feel like I was a distressed character from a movie running on the beach—in slow motion, of course. Funky guitar, smooth drums and alluring lyrics make Tropical a funktastic masterpiece. One of the tracks that I instantly fell in love with was “Nobody’s Truth.” The sexy vocals and sultry bass were hypnotizing to my ears. My favorite song on Tropical is the title track—its Caribbean feel and fun vocals made me feel like I was in the Bahamas, and instantly made me do a happy dance in my living room. Tropical is perfect for anyone who loves the ’80s. –Mama Beatz
Zone Tripper


Sub Culture Records

Street: 02.07

Zone Tripper = Tron (1982) + Kraftwerk + Danger

Zone Tripper’s new ep, Voyager took me back in time when the popularity of synth pop had just begun. Voyager is fun but beautiful—the almost arcade-like tracks had my mind wandering to the days when I filled the hours playing classics like Pac-Man and Tetris. The title track, with its robotic voices, synth guitar and infectious melody, made me instantly think of the 1982 movie Tron, but in a Phantom of the Opera kind of way, because of the way the song told its story—it was moving. Another track that instantly made me nostalgic was “Secrets,” including ’80s-styled closed hats and claves—the song instantly made me think of Rick Astley’s popular hit, “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Zone Tripper’s Voyager is a must-buy for any ’80s fan! –Mama Beatz

Boys Noize
Go Hard EP
BNR Records
Street: 06.24
Boys Noize = Fake Blood + Skrillex + Justice

The last time I saw Boys Noize was in Vegas for EDC and he absolutely blew my mind. During his set that weekend, there was 20 minutes where he was just dropping new music—from hard step to disco to your good ol’ techno. Each track was different, but there was something obviously shared between them—that something is Boys Noize! I realized it as soon as I started to listen to the Go Hard EP. Every track that blew me away, but I was unable to find, was now making sweet love to my ears. My favorite track, “Go Hard,” uses a sample off of Kreayshawn’s “Go Hard (La,La,La)” track from her Somethin’ Bout Kreay album. It goes from hard step into this sick trap drop that made my jaw drop! This six-track EP is for any fan of EDM! –Mama Beatz


Dim Mak
Street: 03.19
Dirtyphonics = Skrillex + Excision
Dirtyphonics are a French EDM quartet who have been bursting onto the scene since the major success of their hit single, “French Fuck.” These four guys (Charly, Pho, Thomas and Pitchin) pull influence from metal bands, and it’s obvious when listening to their debut album, Irreverence. Hard, crunchy synths and violent drums all flawlessly weave together to make what I like to simply call “headbanging music.” With help from some of the most notable names in the game right now, like Steve Aoki and Modestep, just to name a couple, Irreverence is a win for any EDM fan. The track that I had the most fun banging my head to was “No Stopping Us,” featuring producer/DJ duo Foreign Beggars. I’m a big fan of any track that is able to combine hip hop and EDM together––aka music sex! Irreverence is definitely a must-buy.

Daft Punk
Random Access Memories
Street: 05.21
Daft Punk = Prince + Kavinsky 
Right from the beginning of Random Access Memories, the tone is set through the first track, “Give Life Back to Music.” With a short but sweet guitar riff that then transcends into some groovyrealness that I haven’t heard in a long time, “Give Life Back to Music” does exactly what the title implies. My favorite song on the album is, hands down, “Get Lucky” for a number of reasons. First off,  “Get Lucky” itself is an amazing song—put Pharell Williams on anything, and it’ll be amazing. Whether you’re out trying to get lucky in bed or a Las Vegas casino, it’s something everyone can relate to, and, because it’s a Daft Punk song, you’ll probably be up all night getting lucky to “Get Lucky” in the background—genius! Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories is a must-buy. –Mama Beatz