No Shame
Street: 10.29.13
Pompeya = Passion Pit + Rooney
Tropical, by Russian quartet Pompeya, has a variety of funky tracks and smooth, uptempo ballads. Pompeya’s melodic and up-tempo feel on Tropical made me feel like I was a distressed character from a movie running on the beach—in slow motion, of course. Funky guitar, smooth drums and alluring lyrics make Tropical a funktastic masterpiece. One of the tracks that I instantly fell in love with was “Nobody’s Truth.” The sexy vocals and sultry bass were hypnotizing to my ears. My favorite song on Tropical is the title track—its Caribbean feel and fun vocals made me feel like I was in the Bahamas, and instantly made me do a happy dance in my living room. Tropical is perfect for anyone who loves the ’80s. –Mama Beatz