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Small Town Sinners
Dirty Thirty
Street: 04.06
Small Town Sinners = Deer Tick + The Avett Brothers + Wilco
Small Town Sinners aren’t what you would expect from a local alt country band. Each one of their songs seems to slightly pull at your heart strings and randomly sneak back into your brain when you least expect it. The bands second release and follow up to the Cutthroat E.P. shows their progression at including catchy elements and each song has vocal melodies and lyrics with a theme of hard living maturity that goes well beyond vocalists Patrick Monson and Carson Wolfe’s years. The album is solid as a whole but the two standout tracks, “Just Keep On” and “This All Will Change,” just might bring a tear to your eye. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. Check them out at the The Collective Loft April 2.