Local Reviews: Steady Machete – Riots

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Steady Machete

Street: 11.17
Steady Machete = Interpol + The Cure + Talking Heads

I normally find dancey indie bands really annoying, but Steady Machete is awesome. They are tight as hell and use elements in every song that keep me interested. It’s like a little bit less technical Minus the Bear. Eric Hofer’s vocals have all the conviction and vulnerability of David Byrne’s shaky vocals, yet still add an original element. The breakdown in “Riots” is a perfect example of what kind of newness Steady Machete brings to their genre. Each song has an original guitar part to prevent the album from becoming monotonous or boring. The one criticism I have is that they use the same tonal vibe throughout the entire album, but overall it doesn’t affect the listening experience. You can’t hate a band for keeping things cohesive.