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Kilby Records (domestic) & OWN Records (foreign)
Street: 09.01 TaughtMe = Built to Spill + Peter & The Wolf + Anthony Green

It starts with a bang and ends with bangs and bells. A story unfolds throughout this earthy-electro album, and it’s one you’ll want to pay close attention to. At times it’s quiet, other times it’ll shout at you. There’s a dreamlike quality present throughout that makes you feel as if you’re drifting out to sea in a small paddle boat. You’re anxious for what awaits, but still, there’s a calm that wraps itself around you. At least that’s sort of how it went for me the first time I listened to the album. TaughtMe’s vocalist provides a diverse performance, whether he’s singing alone or backed up by other vocalists, as on the song “Lady.” Apart from the vocals and lyrics, it’s the overall synthesizing quality that sets it apart from others of its genre, although I’m not exactly sure if Lady falls under just one musical category. It’s an eclectic album you can listen to while drifting off to sleep or with eyes wide open, and I suggest you do one, if not both, of those two things.