The Anchorage
Street: 11.11.11
The Anchorage = Dashboard Confessional + Insatiable
Welcome to emo-ska! This is a fun/hate romp through two genres, which actually works for locals The Anchorage. Lyrics about pointing fingers at the lazy, the runaways, the suicide-attempters and those who aren’t facing reality in general, meet a wall of happy horns. It sounds very strange, I know, but Derek Harman’s Chris Carrabba-like vocals harmonize with the bouncy quintet. Ben Lambert’s trombone, and Erik Vorkink’s trumpet have a sound that’s just as strong as a five-piece horn section without being overwhelming. Reggae beats come through on Harman’s and Scott Inkley’s guitars. It is a tight and professional-sounding CD, and you get a whopping 12 unique tracks to boot. It’s a depressingly fun ride, and that’s a compliment.