The Chevalier
Welcome to Hell, Harvey
Street: 02.07
The Chevalier = Jacobi Wichita + The Mars Volta
The Chevalier is bombastic! Aaron Micheal Peat (vocals and guitar) and Konner Alek Hale (drums) are intense. It’s like listening to some really early Glassjaw demos and hearing all the promise and potential in the world. This is progged-out, experimental post-screamo at its finest. The guitar-playing and drumming is raw and rough, but interesting throughout the whole album. The highlight for this band is Peat’s vocals—he has the ability to do the gravelly scream thing and still bring the clean, high-soaring vocals. With the addition of bass player Erich Newey to the band, I can’t wait for them to hone their sound and polish things up.