The Departure
Virtual Beginnings EP
Street: 07.02.11
The Departure = Silverstein + Scary Kids Scaring Kids
The Departure are a brother-sister duo consisting of drummer Maci and singer/guitar player Ryan DeBlanc. Both Maci and Ryan are still in high school and their playing ability and song composition are quite advanced for their age. The EP consists of some solid, punk-revival power pop. While there are not a whole lot of surprises to be found, the siblings rip through the four tracks with precision and passion. It would have been nice to have a heard a few different influences and elements creep into the songs, while also adding a bit more rawness and grit to the recordings. As these two age, I hope they expand and experiment with their sound. Hopefully they will become the greatest bother/sister band since the magical and magnificent Carpenters— but hardcore style.