Totem and Taboo
The Instruments We Used
Street: 09.01
Totem and Taboo = The Suicycles + Coheed and Cambria
From the ashes of The Suicycles, we are given Totem and Taboo. Former frontman of the “dirty electronica-rock”-branded Suicycles, Camden Chamberlain, along with others in the band, have teamed up with some newcomers to deliver a new sound that is certainly dark and proggy. The instrumentals come off clean and calculated, and delicate, dual-female harmonizing vocals often give a pleasing contrast to the dark riffs and basslines. The lyrics are also dark and often self-deprecating, if you’re into that. One of the most noticeable strengths of the album is the consistency of the songs—they seem to all play a part in the greater whole. The short, seven-song length leaves us to wonder how soon we will be hearing more from the group. But, if The Suicycles’ frequent blitz attack with new tracks gives any indication, it shouldn’t be long.