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Tough Tittie
Pink Roid Rage
Street: 05.12
Tough Tittie = Spörk + Butthole Surfers + Mötorhead
Tough Tittie has the greatest band name of all time. How could there ever be a band name that could ever compare to the perfection of Tough Tittie? It transcends life. The only thing that can compare with their band name is their choice of album title. Damn. The album cover even comes with a new rendition of Earth Worm Jim in a suit. This is music that you can only listen to when you are drunk because I think these guys were drunk when they made it. It’s punk country thrash and it’s mind blowing it’s so good. Their compositions are well thought out and original. You can really tell how seriously these guys take their band and their music. Stand out track is “Best Place in the World to Kill a Girl.” Yikes!