Uncle Scam
Redneck Funeral
Street: 09.01
Uncle Scam = Veruca Salt + Candlebox
There is only word I can really use to describe Uncle Scam: “Sexxxcellent.” The band, no matter how good they are, has contributed to the English language in a way where it will never be the same. “Sexxxcellent” is the title of the second track on the band’s genre-smashing, provactive full length, and I’m pretty sure the song is about singer Ischa’s sexual encounter with some unnamed grappling partner.  If Eddie Vedder turned into a phone sex operator and sung all his enticing lines over some Pearl Jam demos, then you would have Uncle Scam. The band is solid with their jam-blues-oriented rock and the female vocals are capable of keeping up with the music. I just think the band needs to find its direction a bit more. Either keep it serious like the other eight tracks on the album and sing about life’s pressing issues or keep it easygoing and “Sexxxcellent.”