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Vicious Starfish
Remember To Forget
Street: 02.10
Vicious Starfish = Eels + Superdrag

Vicious Starfish is a peculiar band. Their tracks vary from campy light-hearted upbeat stuff to somber, piano-driven songs to electronic pop songs. It’s hard to pin them down. While I like the variety, it seems like the band is a bit scattered. I feel like if they would concentrate on one genre and perfect it, they would really benefit. But the 12 songs here are all pretty good for being so varied. I would have to say that track four, “Black Satin Gloves”, is my favorite on the album. I secretly wish that Austin Merkley, Justin Carrell and Nathan Merkley would all put on satin gloves and violate my personal space because I hear that the more vicious the starfish, the greater they are in the sack. These dudes are Utah’s version of Queen and you can’t hate on that. Pick up this album if you’re down to hear a band that knows how to mix it up.