Vile Blue Shades

John Thursday California Adventure


Street: 10.11

Vile Blue Shades = Wire + Iggy Pop

John Thursday California Adventure is the perfect record. It’s raunchy, fun and ridiculously danceable. A unique brand of sexuality oozes from every track. Songs like “Black Pussy,” “Purple Rain” and “Banana Hammock” are all instantly infectious and I couldn’t help but lose myself in the music.

Then there are songs like “Christine” and “17 Times,” which start out slow and swanky before easing into hypnotic and pelvic thrusting rhythms. I can’t forget the ridiculously eerie “Glass Payne,” either. This track takes a short break from the typically enjoyable feelings of sexuality and walks more along the lines of the creepy. This “sex record” covers all the bases––the quick and dirty, the sensual and even the weirdo watching you from the trees.

It also comes packed with all sorts of goods– –a Sri Whipple cover, a drop card to download the music digitally, a coloring poster drawn by Patrick Weeks and a list of sex rules and regulations by the group’s sole female member, Meg Charlier. Ultimately, this album might be just as satisfying as a post sex smoke.