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X96 Live & Local
Voulume 5
Street: 02.03
X96 = A compilation of a bunch of local bands

The fifth installment of X96’s live local features 18 tracks forms Utah’s finest bands. The bands featured are the ones that you would expect to be on here – Tolchok Trio, Starmy, Purr Bats and many other scenester bands that all of SLC seems to be obsessed with. All the tracks are standard dancey rock business. But, there are a few stand-out tracks from some bad ass bands on here. Spork’s “Midnight Bomber” is definitely the coolest track on the compilation with some other solid cuts by Ex Machina and Andale! Another highlight of the compilation was the quirky electro number “Decoder” by Cavedoll. I’m just glad that I wasn’t subjected to a Royal Bliss track. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Lord!