Local Reviews: The Vibrant Sound

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The Vibrant Sound

Northplatte Records
Street: 06.27
The Vibrant Sound = Minus The Bear + Shwayze + Citizen King

The Vibrant Sound has some seriously cool jazzy tunes. This four-piece band knows how to lay down the creamy sounds. Then, when the band comes in with their falsetto background vocals, it fits the music like they were born to bone for eternity.  The only part I am not totally into is the lead vocals, or should I call them rhymes? I feel like the music is so cool and pimp that it could do away with the hip-hop frontin’. However, the music is so legit that it almost makes up for the shortcomings of the lead vocals to the point where I almost kind of like them. So keep pressing on with the shnazzy sounds and hopefully people will let the rapping on grow on them.