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Local Review: Opey Tailor – Shoplifting Ephedrine

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Opey Tailor

Shoplifting Ephedrine


Street: 03.03

Opey Tailor = Eminem + Insane Clown Posse

Opey Tailor is the rapper your parents warned you about. Shoplifting Ephedrine allows that reputation to hold strong. His lyrics and execution scream, “Fuck you,” to playing nice, and he’s unapologetic in his delivery. If you were going to listen to one track from Shoplifting Ephedrine, I would recommend “In A-Maze.” The song highlights Opey Tailor’s rapping ability, and the collaboration with Yomi Love and J-Rome comes together nicely. Opey Tailor is keeping the Ogden rap scene raw, and his no-holds-barred style is something to appreciate. –Connor Brady