Local Review: Red Top Wolverine Show – Sloppy Jalopy

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Red Top Wolverine Show
Sloppy Jalopy

Rev 313
Red Top Wolverine Show = Rolling Stones + Dead Boys + Model T. Ford

These hell stomping garage blues boys and a girl attack with their music, but they keep it bluesy enough to make it refreshing. Most “Garage Blues Bands” have more garage than blues, but Red Top has really made it a fun blistering mixture. The level of craftsmanship on this record is nearly non-existent, and it takes a lot to sound this good and play that terribly. Sloppy Jalopy really stands out. There’s a sincere quality to this blues based rock n’roll that lets you know that Red Top Wolverine does exactly what they want with there music. This band and others like The Legendary Porch Pounders have really developed the blues scene in Salt Lake and I am excited to see where they go next. This record showcases RTWS enjoying the hell outta making great music.