SEQ CHAPTER h r 1Venus Euphoric
The Other Nine Planets Are Next

The Collective Intellegence/Chabrama Record
Street: 2006
Venus Euphoric = AFI + any number of bands that sound like AFI

What can be said about a band that isn’t fresh, creative or very interesting? Is it different if it is of a genre that isn’t fresh, creative or very interesting? Is it bad, even for a screamo band? Considering their contemporaries, that’s very difficult to say. Sure, the guitar player can probably lay out some sweet Slayer licks and the lead singer is surely the apple of many a Farmington 16-year-old-girl’s eye. I’d even venture to say that their shows are well attended and well received. I could go on all day explaining why this sort of emo-metal-punk is more than just tired; I could go into detail on what’s wrong with lyrics like, “tears that fall never hit the ground;” but it would be intellectualizing something that just can’t be intellectualized. Do I like it? No. Do the 16-year-old emo girls? Probably.