Author: Jeff Guay

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 The Adonis - The Bugs That Gave Me NightmaresThe Adonis
The Bugs That Gave Me Nightmares

I’m Serious It’s a Joke Records
Street: 2005
The Adonis = The Get Up Kids + Death Cab For Cutie

“I’m a pretty nice guy/ With a couple bad habits,” lead singer Andrew Shaw sings, describing The Adonis’ sound more articulately than I would have been able to. It sure is a nice record, as unassuming and honest as a Valentine from Gavin Rossdale. It has a lo-fi sound that does work in the band’s favor, a polished album would feel more at home on a Super Hits of the 90s compilation disc, but the garage-band recording style doesn’t give these songs the edge needed to sound fresh. It’s late 90s, early 00s-era emo, better than Dashboard Confessional, but not as good as early Deathcab For Cutie. In other words, they stick a little too faithfully to a genre already grown tired, without bringing much electricity to jolt it back to life.


SEQ CHAPTER h r 1Venus Euphoric - The Other Nine Planets Are NextSEQ CHAPTER h r 1Venus Euphoric
The Other Nine Planets Are Next

The Collective Intellegence/Chabrama Record
Street: 2006
Venus Euphoric = AFI + any number of bands that sound like AFI

What can be said about a band that isn’t fresh, creative or very interesting? Is it different if it is of a genre that isn’t fresh, creative or very interesting? Is it bad, even for a screamo band? Considering their contemporaries, that’s very difficult to say. Sure, the guitar player can probably lay out some sweet Slayer licks and the lead singer is surely the apple of many a Farmington 16-year-old-girl’s eye. I’d even venture to say that their shows are well attended and well received. I could go on all day explaining why this sort of emo-metal-punk is more than just tired; I could go into detail on what’s wrong with lyrics like, “tears that fall never hit the ground;” but it would be intellectualizing something that just can’t be intellectualized. Do I like it? No. Do the 16-year-old emo girls? Probably.

Localized is every second Friday of the month at the Urban Lounge, a private club for members. This month it falls on Sept. 14th. Bad Brad Wheeler’s new band, Pink Lightnin’, will grace the stage with a non-local, Bob Log III. Electric Space Jhiad will open the show. Bob Log III will also play the following day, Sept. 15th at the Monolith Festival at Red Rocks.

Bob Log III

Bob Log III – Guitar, Vox

Yes folks, you heard it here, Bob Log III is playing Localized on Sept. 14 at Urban Lounge. What could this mean, you ask? Is Bob Log local? Does this mean we’ll see him downtown, selling tacos for a buck? “Man, those are good tacos, but I wonder if it’s really him?” Maybe he’s been here all along, going unnoticed without his trademark guise: a motorcycle helmet, one-piece spandex jumper, and work boots. Was that him at Oasis Cafe, washing spoons in exchange for a tofu wrap?

No, Bob Log is no local, but he’s certainly stomped these grounds before. “It’s been a while, but I love coming to Salt Lake,” he told me. “The first show of the first giant tour I ever did was in Salt Lake City with Crash Worship.” They were playing two nights at Bricks, and the first night he remembers someone throwing a flaming polyester T-shirt into the air. “It landed on a girl who got burnt, fell over and broke her leg. The next day she was at the show again in the front row with crutches. I was like ‘Salt Lake City’s alright!’”

But with this visit, part of a 30 show/30, day tour, Log isn’t going to be able to hang out for two nights. Sept. 15 he heads to the Monolith Festival at Red Rocks. “I just saw the lineup when I got to Tuson last last week, I didn’t know who else was playing. I was just looking at this lineup going ‘Wow, where’s this festival?’ and [realized that] I’m on it.” Erik Lopez, SLUG’s associate editor, and I are missing the show at Urban but catching him in Denver the following day. He assured me that of his one-man performance—he plays bass drum with his right foot, snare with his left and guitar with what is rumored to be a monkey paw—nothing will be lost between the well-dressed intimacy of Urban Lounge and the swea-soaked Dave Mathews enthusiasm of the Red Rocks show.

“It really doesn’t matter, I’m on stage with my guitar. If there’s five people there, 500 people there, 5000 people there, I can’t see. I have no idea.” His infamous motorcycle helmet, fixed with a telephone-mic to give his bare-breasted wit that signature garble, can often get fogged in or clouded with sweat. Perhaps this alienation is what leads to some of his notorious onstage antics, like when he got booked as a mystery act in an Australian festival of 8000 people who thought they were going to be watching Motorhead.

“I got the entire crowd, 8000 people, to start heckling me. ‘C’mon you fucking Australians, heckle me you bastards!’” But when they obliged, Log was reminded that even he had feelings, “Even though I asked them to do it, if you’ve ever had 8000 people screaming ‘Fuck you,’ it kinda hurts.”

Being a one-man band is what allows Log the freedom to play as many cities as he wants, and turn an ordinary tour into the adventure that has become his career. “You play the big festivals, you play New York, you play Seattle … but I love hitting Laramie, Wyoming, I love hitting Reno. People go a little extra crazy sometimes.” sometimes.”

That freedom has followed him into the recording studio, as well. He’s signed with Fat Possum, a nice home for an artist with his own schedule. His deal with Possum is about as sweet as they come; when he’s ready to record an album, he calls them. Until then, neither party seems to worry about it. “I’m a little slow sometimes, like making my new record; I’m taking my sweet time about it. But by the time it’s done it’s gonna be fucking perfect. In fact, that’s what I’m calling it; I’m gonna call it ‘My Shit is Perfect.’”

Changing Times
Andre Techine

Koch Lorber Films
Street: 10.03

Changing Times is a French romantic drama starring Gerard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve. What’s the matter, still not convinced you should see it? Depardieu stars as a Parisian businessman who has traveled to Algeria where he finds Deneuve, an old flame now married to a doctor. There are juicy subplots involving drugs and sex made truly hip by an incredibly shaky camera. Perhaps the filmmakers wanted to make a statement about modern isolation, but all this film’s plot really amounts to is rich people with problems. – Jeff Guay

Greg The Bunny: Best of the Film Parodies
Spencer Chinoy
IFC/Shout! Factory
Street: 10.24

Is the mere concept of foul-mouthed puppets funny? If you’ve ever seen Meet the Feebles, you know that it takes a few venereal diseases, a shit-eating fly and a gun-yielding hippo to lift that concept off the ground. When Greg the Bunny does film parodies, perhaps it’s believed that the novelty of puppets with funny voices reenacting Easy Rider is enough. The first few episodes seem to reflect that, but as the DVD goes on, it gets a lot better, and the truth is that if the wood-chipper scene from Fargo is to be recreated, these puppets are the ones to do it. – Jeff Guay

The True Legend of the Eiffel Tower
Simon Brook

Koch Vision
Street: 10.03

I’ve been waiting for my chance to use superfluous French euphemisms in my reviews. Perhaps this, a critique of a docu-drama about the Eiffel Tower, is the right time to get my joie de vivre on. Do you know Gustave Eiffel’s raison d’etre? No? After watching this entertaining and informative movie, you might have a better idea. So if you’re the type of person who likes to get stoned, microwave organic breakfast burritos and turn on the Discovery Channel, maybe this DVD is for you. – Jeff Guay