Local Review: Spooky Deville – Breathe Transylvania

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Spooky Deville
Breathe Transylvania

Street: 10.2006
Spooky Deville = Graveyard Shift + Conombre Zombi

These boys play some decent psychobilly. They are pretty typical of what is going on in the genre right know, almost all psycho and no billy. They do a really good job at using lead singer Dozer’s booming voice. The guitar work is good, but it needs to be changed up a little more. Having the similar guitar sounds in every song makes it difficult to tell one song from the other. The stand-up bass work is great, but it needs to be isolated more to give it some character. Don’t get me wrong, Spooky Deville have put together a good record, and are one of the few bands making the psychobilly scene here in SLC, but they need to separate themselves from the pack. Make sure you catch their horror rock show playing around town, its something to see. -James Orme