Local Review: The Hotness – Fashion Over Comfort

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The Hotness
Fashion Over Comfort

Sound Vs. Silence
Street: 02.06
The Hotness = La Severence + The Get Up Kids guitar + high school band with 700 Myspace friends

I’m a sucker for a good dance song. I could care less what the artist is singing about, as long as they can keep my ass shakin’ for about four minutes. That doesn’t seem like it would be too hard, right? Well, some kids think if they marry a drum machine and a keyboard, they will instantly give birth to dance hits. These kids tried to do just that. They picked up the said instruments, learned a few basic beats, and ran with it. Unfortunately, they ran too far … all the way to the studio, in fact. The Hotness don’t expand their beats or layer them (or really do anything other than speed up or slow down the tempo) but they do add some drawn-out major notes on the keyboard for an attempt at a glam or new wave feel. Since I can’t dance to it, I’m stuck listening to their lyrics. With titles like “Gay Is The New Straight” and “We Don’t Give an F About Revolution,” I can barely hold myself back from slamming my head into the wall.